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Looking forward: Our Post-Lockdown Dreams!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

2020 was a tough one, wasn't it? And whilst the calendar year has changed, a lot of us are feeling like it's groundhog day. There's a lot of negativity out there at the moment so as the days start to get longer and we edge towards Spring, we thought it was a good time to look forward with some positivity!

We asked some of the gang involved in our upcoming R&D of Dorian Gray about the things they are most looking forward to doing this year. Here are our post-lockdown dreams...


Daniel Harris,

Curious Pheasant Creative Producer

"I am really looking forward to seeing more than one person at a time. Having those conversations with a handful of close friends over a pint at the pub, putting the world to rights. I'm so looking forward to picnics in the park again. A fancy meal out before heading to the cinema. Catch ups with old friends over cocktails. Spontaneous trips to London to walk along the Southbank. Dancing until my feet hurt on a sweaty, overcrowded dancefloor. Shout singing lyrics to my favourite song at a gig. Theatre, just everything about it. Big family gatherings. And hugging everyone that I love."


JJ Gale, Actor

"It has been a tough year in and out of lockdown. Post-pandemic I am excited to be able to have a group family meet up with my extended family. I would love to be together with everyone once again and I will for sure be more grateful of this time following on from a time of isolation from our loved ones.

I am also excited to be able to perform live theatre in front of an audience again. I have missed the connection of performer and audience member in the environment of a theatre and also the thrill of performing in this setting!"


Carys Davies,

Curious Pheasant Stage Manager

"I'm looking forward to going back to work in the arts world, making all the plans with friends, going for dinner at other people's houses and doing the same for them. I'm looking forward to going to the theatre and feeling relaxed about everything, because even if it's stressful we'll still have made it through this and that feels like an achievement."


Heath Alexander, Actor

"I can’t wait to be able to go on road trips with friends and family, to just get in the car and go off to like Scotland exploring the highlands in my little blue Peugeot. Been watching a lot of Richard Ayoade’s Travel Man over lockdown and it’s been both inspiring and excruciating seeing all those lovely holiday destinations.

I also cannot wait to be able to go back into a pub or restaurant just as it was pre-COVID. I miss the lazy Saturdays just sitting with friends watching the football, getting a pub lunch and playing pool. Then I miss the midweek evenings out to a restaurant of a cuisine you’ve never tried before and just having the whole dining experience."


Corinne Strickett, Actor

"The thing I really am looking forward to after lockdown is being able to have a party to celebrate with all the people that mean the world to me and dance until we drop. And professionally - to be on stage in front of a live audience and share the experience. Can’t wait!!!!"


Troy Chessman, Actor and Writer

"One thing I am definitely looking forward to, post lockdown is going to the Zoo or maybe going for an alpaca walk because the biggest thing I have missed since lockdown, is nature and the joy our furry friends bring! and secondly I look forward to being able to audition in the same room as a casting director, auditioning through zoom just doesn’t compare to the electricity you can feel when you’re in the room!"


Becky Birkett-Mills,

Curious Pheasant Artistic Director

"I'm looking forward to being able to meet up with friends and family without worrying about how many people will be there and where we will be able to go! I'm also hoping to be able to go on my actual honeymoon after booking and cancelling it twice!

In terms of theatre, I'm looking forward to being back in an auditorium and feel that anticipation of what's about to happen..."


Alex DeCaluwe, Actor

"There are so many things I’m looking forward to post lockdown, one of them being getting to travel back to Canada to visit my family! I’m also excited to be able to travel and explore more of the UK. I’d love to be able to go surfing in Cornwall and live out my surfer dream. Lastly, I can’t wait to be able to delve into the creative world again and do what makes me happiest!"

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