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Quick fire Questions: Vicki from The Point

We've really enjoyed our time as Associate Company at The Point, in Eastleigh. We had a super quick catch up with Vicki Hargreaves, the Artist Development Producer at the venue, about what they have learned during the pandemic and what's on the horizon!

Could you let us know a bit about what is coming up at the Point for us to come and watch?

We are very excited to be opening our doors again come September, plus we have just launched our programme for Eastleigh Unwrapped Festival taking place on 11th and 12th September all details can be found here:

What has been the biggest learning curve for the Point as an organisation during the pandemic?

To be able to adapt to things that are constantly changing. People have responded so positively to all the summer activity we have been able to put on outside on our garden stage and we can see people are hungry for more live work.

Are there any elements of the work that's been delivered during the last twelve months or so that you might keep even after the pandemic?

More outdoor work and taking the performances to the communities. We have worked hard to create safe and exciting work that people can see on their doorstep.

Summer Social event at The Point

What are you most looking forward to about having audiences back in the building?

A theatre is nothing without its audiences! We cannot wait for the building to be full of art, audiences and emotion. The very point in theatre is to bring people together and we are very excited to offer that again through our performances, café and classes.

Which shows are you looking forward to seeing at other venues in Southampton/Hampshire in the next few months and why?

I’m personally looking forward to see what is coming up at MAST studios in Southampton, I haven’t had the chance to visit yet and the work they are presenting looks really exciting.

We've loved being an Associate Company. What other artist development opportunities are on the horizon for other artists and companies to look out for?

We have open fortnightly professional class starting again in September run by local artists, alongside a professional development day with inclusive company Stopgap Dance. And a chance to see all our current associates at our Scratch Night too! Our door is always open so please do pop in and say hello!


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