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Stage Manager on Tour - Catch up with Carys! 👩 📋

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Curious about what goes on for a Stage Manager during a national theatre tour? We caught up with our lovely Stage Manager, Carys Davies, who is currently on the road with Rhum and Clay's War of the Worlds!

Can you spot Carys? 👀

Tell us a bit more about the show you are touring with!

It's an adaptation of the War of the Worlds. It's the first scifi novel so that's pretty cool. I'm DSM on this production and my position is generally off stage but for this production I'm on stage, on a platform all the way upstage and so I have a perfect view of the audience (and them of me) and everything except the stage (haha). I can't wait to be back on tour with it properly in September for a good run.

What have been some of the highlights so far?

Honestly some of the best bits about the traveling is finding lots of great food. However, it's lots of fun getting to know a new company, they're a great team and it's a privilege being with them. Highlights for me are often the people and I certainly get to meet a few along the way. As well as showing the world this fantastic production!

The cast of War of the Worlds in action.

What's most different about touring in COVID times?

It feels like everything is different but also nothing is that different. Even though as a company we have our own ways of coping and being safe in these times, everyone is in the same boat, so generally everyone is helpful and able to adapt. We all want to be here whilst being safe, so it makes it easier, virus wise, which is why it feels like nothing is different. Things are usually always changing so it's just something else to get used to.

If you could give one bit of advice to an aspiring or emerging Stage Manager about touring, what would it be?

In general, look after yourself and let people look after you. But definitely be organised, don't leave things till the last minute and do everything with effort and heart and be there for your team. Oh and always be a nice person!

What are you most looking forward to doing once you're off the road?

I've not long moved house and so I can't wait to organise my home life, as well as seeing my friends and family, and cooking for myself.


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