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Dorian Gray

A new adaptation by Troy Chessman

London has been ravaged by Hitler’s armies, the capital is on its knees and all hope seems lost. Hidden behind blacked out windows, a hedonistic sub-society is growing. In this secret world, a portrait of a beautiful young man has been crafted to entice young men to enlist and to inspire a broken nation. But what fortune awaits the man in the portrait?


Join Curious Pheasant Theatre on a journey through the innocence of youth, the devastation of love and the horrors of war in our 1940s retelling of the classic tale of Dorian Gray.

May 2021 R+D Cast: Troy Chessman, JJ Gale, Alex DeCaluwe, SJ Wareham, Alex Bird, Phillip Honeywell
Director:  Daniel Harris
Producer: Becky Mills

Movement Director: Luke Brown

Funded by: 
Arts Council England
Supported by:
The Point, Eastleigh

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